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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saag Paneer

I was recently talking to a co-worker about cooking Indian food. His parents are both first-generation immigrants from India. He was impressed that I've tried cooking a couple of dishes, but enlightened me that it doesn't have to take two hours. I asked him about a particular dish that I found on; he said "too many ingredients..." He indicated that most Indian dishes that he cooks only take about 20 minutes. He gave me this recipe for saag paneer:

(11:08:50 AM) Rahul: step by step
(11:08:56 AM) Rahul: 2 lbs of spinach
(11:09:08 AM) Rahul: wilt the spinach in a pan and pour in blender
(11:09:10 AM) Rahul: including the water
(11:09:19 AM) Rahul: heat oil, 2-3 tbl
(11:09:27 AM) Rahul: heat up 2 cups of onions
(11:09:29 AM) Rahul: and brow
(11:09:30 AM) Rahul: n
(11:09:34 AM) Rahul: brown the onions
(11:09:38 AM) Michael: diced onions? or rings?
(11:09:42 AM) Rahul: diced
(11:09:46 AM) Rahul: smaller the better
(11:09:48 AM) Michael: roger
(11:09:52 AM) Michael: minced even\
(11:09:53 AM) Rahul: 4 cerrano pepers
(11:10:05 AM) Rahul: if you would like, i dice them....since im lazy :)
(11:10:12 AM) Rahul: 4 peppers diced
(11:10:19 AM) Rahul: add to onions after browned
(11:10:27 AM) Rahul: add ginger around 1 tbl spoon
(11:10:34 AM) Rahul: 2 tsp of garam masala
(11:10:38 AM) Rahul: 1/2 tsp tumeric
(11:10:45 AM) Rahul: then 1 tomato diced
(11:10:46 AM) Michael: fresh ginger? or will powder work?
(11:10:54 AM) Rahul: fresh is nicer :)
(11:10:59 AM) Michael: agreed :)
(11:11:11 AM) Rahul: so cook this for about 1-2 minutes and mix
(11:11:13 AM) Rahul: in pot
(11:11:24 AM) Rahul: then pour in the spinach puree
(11:12:17 AM) Rahul: cook for 2 -3 minutes
(11:12:29 AM) Rahul: then you add paneer cubes
(11:12:33 AM) Rahul: and 1tsp of salt
(11:13:04 AM) Rahul: really low heat and cover for however long you want at least 10 minutes so the paneer can soak up the flavor
(11:13:08 AM) Rahul: and thats it you are done
(11:13:17 AM) Rahul: if its too bitter, add some squeezed lemon
(11:13:25 AM) Rahul: it should take about 20 minutes from start to finish
(11:13:31 AM) Rahul: and will feed quite a few people
(11:13:57 AM) Michael: hmmm
(11:14:01 AM) Michael: I like the lemon trick
(11:14:24 AM) Rahul: thats the key to all indian food if its too bitter

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Raaaaabin said...

I will have to visit that place to find some paneer so we can make this dish!