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Sunday, September 7, 2014

What comes of a seed

A long time ago when Texas was part of the American frontier, some of the early settlers took to planting pecan trees. Other people mocked those that planted the pecans, reasoning that the people planting the trees wouldn't be around to see the trees in full maturity. But because of the efforts of those early frontier settlers, now the streets of central Texas are lined with pecan trees with canopy shade spread wide and towering up to 100 feet high. Between October and December they drop literally tons of those savory nuts to the ground.

You may sometimes wonder what effect your efforts will have, there may be naysayers who make you doubt, but know that the good acts that you do and the efforts to make a positive difference in other people's lives will have far reaching results far beyond what you will be able to witness in this life.

I ride a bike home from my job. Part of the route takes me on a bridge over a creek that is lined with pecan trees and walnut trees. I've been watching as the fruits mature, and I'm excited to anticipate taking my family for a walk along the creek to collect the nuts.